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Introducing Galaxy Note20 | Note20 Ultra 5G

Power your work and play like never before.

Let's make this more about you.


Explore Galaxy Note20 | Note20 Ultra 5G Features

This is not a smartphone as you know it. This is a Powerphone. Next-level power into your work and play with blazing 5G connectivity and a new ultra-responsive S Pen.

Your phone and PC work together like never before

With the power of the S Pen and intelligence of Samsung Notes, start your notes on your phone and they’re automatically saved – so you can easily sync up and access them on your other devices. Samsung Notes has all the same functionality on your PC, with an optimized UI.

Unleash your mobile apps on your PC

When you Link to Windows, you can access the apps on your Galaxy Note20 5G, on your PC. You can pin the mobile apps to your start menu, task bar, open them in a separate window, and use them side by side with your other PC apps.

Get your game on, any time, anywhere.

With a HyperFast processor and 5G network, you can stream and play games directly on your phone.

Pro quality video and movie-like effects

No need for additional equipment. Now you can film like a pro with 8K video and built-in movie-like effects, such as controlling the zoom speed, audio direction & source switch, exposure and focus.

Double the refresh rate for an incredible smooth view

Experience a 120Hz display that makes scrolling smooth, touch interactions incredible responsive and writing with the S Pen fee like writing with a real pen. It even intelligently detects what you're doing and automatically shifts the refresh rate, saving on battery life and give your more time for fun.

Our fastest processor in the Galaxy

Give your gaming the high performance it deserves with a HyperFast Processor that increases your speed and uses less power.

All day intelligent battery power

Use your battery without worrying. Now you have a battery that is powerful enough to last all day, so you can leave the charger at home.

Awesomely fast connection even for heavy data use

With 5G, you can enjoy full 1080P HD video chats, lower latency on cloud gaming platforms and live stream high-resolution 8K quality videos.

Capture day, night, near and far

The high-resolution camera lets you take photos like a pro. Capture every moment with features such as Live Focus, Single Take, Bright Night, and Space Zoom.

A second screen experience that doubles the possibilities

Samsung DeX lets you wirelessly pair your phone with another TV screen, without losing control of either. Just a few taps and you can watch your Galaxy's videos right on the big screen, while simultaneously checking texts, sending off emails and getting work done on your phone

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Welcome to Team Galaxy

At Galaxy Unpacked, a special guest dropped in for a surprise announcement. Welcome to #TeamGalaxy, Khalid. Copper looks good on you.

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